So, you want to buy a pre-construction condo?

Great move. Pre-construction condos are an amazing conduit to build equity and secure financial freedom.

But do you just walk into a sales centre and buy one?

Sure, if you want to get bottom of the barrel inventory. 

Let us let you in on a little secret:

Developers sell in a precise order of importance. First to family/friends and insiders who may have invested in the project, second to VIP brokers who they deal with extensively, then to “VIP” brokers at at “VIP” launch and finally, to members of the public at another “VIP launch”. Then it’s just regular sales but at that point all the good inventory is gone and prices have gone up.  See how many VIP launches there are that aren’t really VIP? Insiders purchase far before anyone else.  In this current market in Toronto it’s virtually impossible for a member of the public to buy a one-bedroom condo ahead of the line.


You need the assistance of an agent who has real and true access to developer inventory before anyone else, and this is where Bonello Real Estate Group shines. The second we get Lamb floorplans and pricing for our next project, our clients get the information as well. We’ve also built relationships around the city with developers who give us priority choice of units.  This means you save money, and in this market, that’s hard to do.

Our early access is actually early access

You won’t have to wait in lines at a “VIP” offering

If someone is going to a “VIP” launch all the insiders have already purchased

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